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Faith Community Christian Reformed Church

(formerly Wyoming Park CRC)

“We will not hide (them) from our children, showing to the generations to come the praises of the Lord, and His strength and His wonderful work that He hath done.” Psalm 78:4

            Faith Community Christian Reformed Church was founded in 1918 with the name Wyoming Park Christian Reformed Church. It came from very humble beginnings, a small nine family church located on Beals Road (28th Street) in Wyoming. With God’s Grace, Wyoming Park CRC grew in size and spirit through the years. In 1988, change was in the air. Wyoming Park’s long range planning committee felt that God was calling the church to take a leap of faith. So with God’s help, Wyoming Park CRC began building a new church building at Byron Center and 52nd Street and in 1994 the new building was dedicated. God blessed the newly renamed Faith Community Christian Reformed Church, and allowed it to grow into to what it is today!

Through the Decades…

Faith Community has undergone many changes through the decades. God has been faithful throughout every moment of it. Here is a look at Faith through the decades.


The decade was one of highs and lows. In 1920, the first pastor, Rev. Edward Pekelder was hired. He was a very energetic leader for the church. It is interesting to note that the church owned a Ford Model T during this time that the pastor used for transportation. Later in the decade, the first pastor left and was followed by another. In 1927, a new church building was built. Tragically, this new building burned down in 1928. Construction of a new building was started soon after. One final sad part of this decade was in 1929, when the pastor at that time resigned and left the church with 29 families to start another church, one that was not a part of the Christian Reformed Church. Though this was a difficult time, the Lord was with the church through every high and low.

Original Church


This decade brought the church closer together. The minister at that time worked hard to help the church overcome some of the troubles that had existed in the past, and with God’s help the church thrived. Since this time was also characterized by the Great Depression, it is important to note that it was a difficult time for the church financially and personally. The Great Depression brought difficulties would have been impossible to deal with had it not been for God’s guidance and blessings. During this decade, the church also took over and ran the Allen Road Mission, which was a mission church in Wyoming.


This decade saw two different pastors serve at the church. Also many of the young men of the church served in the military, and were involved in World War II. At the end of the war, the church mourned those who had given their lives, and rejoiced for those who came home safely.


War again called away some of the young men of the congregation. One of the servicemen of the church was killed in a plane crash in 1951, so, in his honor, his family purchased the chimes to go into the bell tower. In 1953, 25 families left the church to go and establish Beverly CRC. Also Allen Park Mission grew to be so large that it became an official Christian Reformed Church. In 1959, 35 families left to establish Calvary CRC.


The 1960s saw more pastors come and go. During this decade, the sanctuary and basement of the church were remodeled. The church was so crowded during this time that in 1962 closed circuit television was installed to help. In 1965 the Vietnam War started, this again meant that many of the young men of the congregation were called to serve.


In 1974 the church held its first Mission Emphasis week, a tradition that still continues today. In 1976, 44th Street Chapel became an official Christian Reformed Church, making it the fourth daughter church of Faith Community CRC.


In 1982, the church purchased New International Bibles for the pews. During this decade, God began to push the church in a new direction and because of this the Long Range Planning Committee was established. This committee began to look into relocating the church, and in 1989 this was overwhelmingly approved by the congregation. 


In 1991, the church purchased new Psalter Hymnals for use as songbooks; these books were placed into the pews. In 1993, work began on the construction of a new church building at Byron Center and 52nd Street. During this ten month construction, Faith Community CRC met in the Calvin Christian High School gym. On April 3, 1994, the current building was dedicated to God.

Current building of FCCRC


The church thrives at its current location. God continues to bless us and show us how to live our lives according to His word and be a light in our surrounding community.

Back view of church
New sign at current location